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 Showbiz Anthology 

Alma Moreno and Rodel Naval

A dramatic scene from "City After Dark"
"Ama, Ina, Anak" with Joey Marquez
"Kapalit" with Jay Manalo
GMA-7's top-rating "Habang Kapiling Ka"
The cast of "Habang Kapiling Ka"

Alma Moreno began her showbiz career as a screen nymphet in 1975 with the movie "Ligaw na Bulaklak."  This launching movie sparked her rise to stardom as one of the most sought-after screen sirens of the 1970s.  What followed was a string of box-office successes that continued well into the next decade, where she expanded into the realm of television variety shows.  She played the multiple roles of host, star and dancer in her the long-running "Loveli-Ness," a weekly program that showcased her various talents.
During her nearly three decades in showbiz, Alma has received multiple nominations for Best Actress from various award-giving bodies in Philippine cinema.  Her movie anthology of over 200 films features a wide repertoire of subjects, from a circa-1940 drama with Rodel Naval, to crime thrillers like "City After Dark," the light social commentary of "Makati Avenue Office Girls," the more recent "Ama, Ina, Anak" with husband Joey Marquez, and her latest - the love/drama feature, "Kapalit" - which received a "wholesome" rating from the Catholic INitiative for Enlightened Movie Appreciation (CINEMA).
Today, she plays the role of Salve, the central character in GMA-7's top-rated daily tele-novela "Habang Kapiling Ka," in addition to playing her namesake Ness in another GMA top-rater, the weekly comedy "Da Boy and Da Girl," beside leads Rudy Fernandez and Rosanna Roces.